After you are injured in a workplace, car, or another type of accident, you may contact a personal injury lawyer to help you fight for your right to fair and proper compensation. To ensure the success of your case, and to protect your best interests, there are several things you should tell your lawyer right from the start:

1.  Any prior accidents. Let your lawyer know if you were involved in any previous accidents and suffered any injuries in your past. Your lawyer needs this information because the insurance adjuster on your case may try to argue that your current injuries are related to another accident.

2.  If you have filed for bankruptcy. Tell your lawyer if you have plans to file for bankruptcy during your injury case because any compensation you receive could be included in the estate instead of going directly to you. However, if you give your lawyer this information, they may be able to secure a portion of the settlement for you.

3.  If you are planning on getting a divorce. If you have plans to file for divorce, or you are already in the midst of the process, let your attorney know. If after your accident, your spouse supported you, they may be eligible to receive part of the damages included in your settlement.

4.  Additional injuries. If you have suffered any injuries since your accident happened, you need to let your lawyer know. If you do not, the opposing party may try to say you are trying to claim compensation for injuries unrelated to the case.